MIC UI Call for Apps!



Dear developers,

Do you already have some Windows 8 apps to publish but still pending because you do not have Windows Store account yet?
Do you want to create some apps that will let people in the world knows your potential?

Microsoft Innovation Center Universitas Indonesia invites you to submit your Windows 8 apps to us. We will help you to publish all your qualified apps into Windows Store with free of charge. MIC UI will acts as publisher of your apps while you are still the respected owner of your own apps. This great chance is open for developers from inside or outside MIC UI.

Apps Requirements

  • Apps never been published at Windows Store before
  • Apps submission materials satisfy all Windows Store requirements

Apps Submission Deadline

  • Please submit your apps before: May 15th, 2013

Apps Submission Procedure

For each app you want to submit, create an archive file (*.zip, *.7z, *.rar) that consists of:

  • App package files (*.appxupload)
  • All screenshots and tiles images (*.png)
  • Text file consists of information related to app such as app description, category, etc (*.txt)

Send your archive file to mic-ui[at]live.com with subject MIC UI CFA: [APP NAME].
You can also visit MIC UI Lab on every Saturday and bring your apps softcopy to us.


Need Have Fun Together?

If you want to have companion while building your apps, you can visit MIC UI Lab (Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Indonesia, Gedung C Lantai 3, Ruang 3308-3309) on every Saturday from 9.30 – 18:00. You can have discussion with other developers, brainstorming, idea sharing, technical mentoring while building apps together. This session will be available until the apps submission deadline.

What Makes This More Fun?

Build your apps with your best quality. We will find out the best app to win a Windows 8 tablet provided by Microsoft Indonesia!
(The prize available when the number of published apps reach at least 50 apps).

More about MIC UI?

Find out about us through this website. If you want to be part of our innovators community, please do not hesitate to fill member registration form in Join! menu. MIC UI is open for all students (high schools or universities). Let us know you passions and lets keep moving forward together!

Source: Microsoft Innovation Center Universitas Indonesia (MIC UI)

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